City of Pooler Continues to Work on the Main Street Overlay District

City of Pooler Continues to Work on Revisions to Main Street Overlay District

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Pooler City Council on Monday approved a change to the Main Street Overlay District that would allow council the means to deny a site plan in the district based on how the plans would affect adjacent properties.

The new changes to the code of ordinances read:

“In fulfilling the purpose and intent of the overlay district, mayor and council shall consider the effect of this ordinance on properties which are adjacent to the overlay district in all decisions. Where development within the overlay district may pose an adverse effect on adjacent properties, mayor and council may place additional requirements, including without limitation, design standards, height requirements, architectural design standards, types of materials, etc., on projects in the overlay district.”

The new revisions to the ordinance will apply to all overlay district site plans brought before council going forward.

“The whole idea of the overlay district was to preserve that section of town,” city Attorney Steven Scheer said. “What council was concerned about was the adverse effect it might have on the adjoining landowners, and this was designed, at council’s request to give them the opportunity to deny and say, ‘You can’t build it unless you take into account the adverse effect on the adjoining or adjacent property owners.’”

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