Enforcement of Georgia’s new voting law remains in question for Chatham County leaders

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The enforcement of Georgia’s new voting law continues to be front and center.

On Tuesday, the Gwinnett County Solicitor told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he does not plan to prosecute anyone who is arrested for handing out food and water to those waiting in line on election day.

We reached out to Chatham County District Attorney, Shalena Jones who says she has no comment on whether or not she will do the same. Meanwhile, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson said, “the mayor, not the city manager, is in charge of the Savannah Police Department on Election Day.”

Johnson isn’t saying definitively if he’ll have SPD enforce this controversial part of the new law.

“I don’t know, I mean maybe they’re busy doing other things. Maybe they’re handing out masks, I don’t know. Maybe they’re handing out water to people walking in our communities that need water. I don’t know,” Johnson said.

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