Environmental advocates say the Haw River is an important natural resource for Chatham County to invest in. Pictured here is reflection of trees on the river, taken the winter of 2020.

Friends of Lower Haw Ask County To Invest in Haw River Trail Now

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The Haw River is an important natural resource the county should invest in before rapid Pittsboro development ensues, the all-volunteer group Friends of Lower Haw River State Natural Area told county commissioners at the board’s meeting last month.

In addition to wanting to see a Haw River trails corridor/feasibility study completed, the organization’s president, Gretchen Smith, said the group would also like to see the board use money from COVID-19 relief funding, bonds and revenue from the county’s Article 46 sales tax to invest in conservation at the river — namely through the construction of sustainable trails and paddle sites.

“The main thing of concern about focusing on the Haw River is because of its geographic location in relation to population growth,” Smith told the News + Record. “We’re running out of time if we want to try to create this Haw River Trail in Chatham County, because once the land is developed for residential purposes, then it’s harder to go back after the fact.”

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