I-16 and I-95 Interchange Expansion

GDOT Show Prosposed I-95/I-16 Interchange

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The Georgia Department of Transportation officials were in Garden City yesterday sharing their plans for the proposed improvement projects which includes a new interchange at Interstate 95 and Interstate 16.

At this open house, GDOT two major components to this important project. First, I-16 will go from two lanes to three lanes in both directions. The widening will begin near 5-16 and continue through Pooler.

After that is completed. the GDOT will reconfigure the I-16/I-95 interchange.

The new interchange will be a turbine configuration interchange. According to GDOT, this will only be the second turbine configuration interchange in the country, so it’s a new concept. It will use different ramps and lanes to prevent drivers from having to weave and merge into different lanes.

The new I-16 and I-95 reconfiguration project is scheduled to begin at the end of this year.