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As part of our commitment to the Pooler community and our local businesses, we have launched a new site aimed at keeping a current and accurate lists of all of the local restaurants open for business.

You can check it out by going to If you go to the site with your mobile device, you can then save it to your desktop or make it a “favorite”. Then when the site is updated with other restaurants or details, the sit will always be up-to-date.

The site is free to the community and it is free to any restaurant that would like to use it to keep everyone up to date at their location. This is our gift back to our Pooler neighbors.

But, we need you help! We need our restaurants and our neighbors to share the news about each restaurant. Just contact us at or contact us on our Facebook page. . And, we are open to suggestions.

Stay calm – do what you know to do – take care of each other. And, we will get through all of this together.