Local businesses struggling to find workers following pandemic

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Following a steady increase in business over the past months, many stores and restaurants in Savannah have had difficulties finding workers.

“Servers are taking on a lot right now. I think everyone down here has,” said Ashion Farrow, floor manager of Moon River Brewing Company. “They’re doing the best they can. A lot of customers appreciate it, but some don’t understand.”

Moon River has been hiring for all positions since May 2020, and like many businesses in the city, they can’t seem to find any help.

Kayla Herren, assistant manager of the Georgia Tasting Room, says this problem is leading to many of their workers taking on more hours than they can handle.

“Some of our lower volume associates who are still in school are now having to push 30-35 hours per week just to keep up with business,” said Herren. “There’s a few restaurants that we talk to on a regular basis that are also struggling because no one can find good workers. People apply for the position but they either don’t show up or end up quitting after the first week,” Herren added.

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