Pooler Police

New Pooler Alert System

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Pooler police is looking to enroll residents in its emergency alert system. The system sends residents notifications about road closures, crimes in their area, hurricane and other emergency information, changes in trash pickup schedule, and sometimes, just a reminder to lock their car doors. Police Spokesperson Lindsey Heintzman is the person behind every alert sent out through the system. 

Residents can put in their address to get location-specific notifications, as well. Heintzman used a previous closure on Quacco Road as an example. The service is free, and residents can sign up at poolerga.bbcportal.com.  We would love more people to sign up for it,because it gives us a better way to reach a broad band of people at one time. 

“We have our Facebook page, but not everybody follows that. Not everybody has a Facebook, but most people have a phone”, Heintzman said. “If there’s something major going on, we can get the information out a lot quicker to a lot more people”.