Pooler is Getting Two New Voting Precincts

Pooler to get 2 new voting precincts ahead of 2019 elections

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Good news for those of us who stood in those long lines trying to vote in the mid-term elections in 2018. Pooler is getting two new voting precincts to accomodate the fast growing population growth our are is experiencing.

There are a number of factors the Elections Board must consider, the two most important being voter commonality and how active voters are distributed across the city. Bridges is aiming to keep people who vote on the same ballots together.

“We’re using voter and jurisdictional distribution as our deciding factors,” Bridges said.

In precinct 7-7, there’s already a line drawn: most of the areas north of Pooler Parkway and Forest Lakes Drive and west of Interstate 95 fall within Chatham County Commission District 8, which means they vote on similar ballots for county elections.

Nearly all of the rest of Pooler falls within Chatham County Commission District 7, including the other precinct the board is looking to divide, precinct 7-12 — which makes finding a dividing line more difficult.

They can’t divide precinct 7-12 based on the municipal election districts either, since Pooler doesn’t have municipal districts — Pooler’s city council members don’t represent any specific area of Pooler. The top six vote-getters citywide become the aldermanic board.

But dividing the districts is just the first hurdle. They also have to find buildings that can serve as precincts.

If you would like to see all of the specific details, here is the article posted by www.savannahnow.com.